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            Products and services

            Products and services

            Suplatast Tosilate Granules

            適  應  癥:This product is suitable for the treatment of bronchial asthma

            規       格:1g: 50mg (1g contains 50mg of suplatast tosilate)

            包       裝:Laminated film package, 18 bags/carton

            有  效  期:24 months

            批準文號:National Medicine Standard H20120105

            - Novel selective T-helper cell inhibitor treats bronchial asthma from the source, reduces airway inflammation, decreases airway hyperresponsiveness, reduces acute asthma attacks, relieves symptoms and improves lung function;

            - Reduce hormone dosage and reduce β2 receptor agonists: assist patients with moderate to severe asthma, hormone-dependent/resistant asthma, reduce hormone dosage.

            - Good results in patients who do not respond to leukotriene receptor antagonists;

            - High safety and suitable for long-term use: It is an adult long-term management medication recommended in Japanese guidelines for adult asthma.