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            Products and services

            Products and services

            Ropinirole Hydrochloride Tablets

            適  應  癥: This product is suitable to treat the symptoms and signs of Primary Parkinson’s disease in combination with levodopa.

            規       格:0.5mg, 3mg (by ropinirole)

            包       裝: Laminated film package, 30 tablets/carton

            有  效  期:24 months

            批準文號:0.5mg: National Medicine Standard H20130044
                              3mg: National Medicine Standard H20130045

            - A new generation of selective ergot dopamine receptor agonists;

            - It is recommended as first-line medication for early Parkinson’s treatment by the United States, European and Chinese Parkinson's guidelines.

            - Its efficacy and safety are demonstrated by over-20-year clinical medication experience abroad.

            - The incidence of dyskinesia in early Parkinson's patients is very low, and it can significantly delay the onset of dyskinesia.

            -It assists L-dopa in the treatment of patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease. It can effectively shorten the “day off phenomenon” and reduce 20% of the usage amount of L-dopa.