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            Products and services

            Products and services

            Youngsure ?Orlistat Capsules

            適  應  癥:For the treatment of obese or overweight patients (body mass index≥24)

            規       格:60mg

            包       裝:Aluminum foil for drug package, PVC sheet for packing solid medicine, 4 capsules/blister*2 blisters/carton, 12 capsules/blister*2 blisters/carton, etc.

            有  效  期:36 months

            批準文號:National Medicine Standard H20133171

            - Superior mechanism: Lipase inhibitor that acts by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fats.

            - Better safety: Non-central nervous system weight loss drug, no effect of appetite suppression; minimally absorption into the blood.

            - Significant effects: Effectively reduce body fat, significantly reduce waist circumference, and improve related risk factors.